Giving is something we do because we are showing God where our heart is. We do NOT do it because the church needs or doesn't need our money or because we believe it makes us a good person. Instead we are showing God we trust Him with one of the most difficult things for most of us to trust Him with and that’s our finances.

This isn’t something we came up with to scare/guilt people into giving.

According to Malachi 3:8, it says we are robbing God when we withhold our tithe.

Tithing is also an act of obedience to God. By people being faithful and obedient in their giving, it helps us pay for a place to worship together each week and to help the needy and reach the lost. Without it, we simply would not be able to impact as many people as we are for Christ. The person tithing also benefits by growing deeper in their relationship with God and realizing we can trust Him with everything, even our finances.

It’s something that there’s no other way of learning and experiencing except by doing so.

What is the difference between the tithe and the offering?

The tithe is the first 10% of your income. The offering is anything over and above that 10%. It is important that you understand the difference.

For more information on tithing or offering, or how to set up your auto-tithe online, contact

In January we kicked off our Greater Campaign, to pay off debt so we can use resources to reach more people rather than make bankers rich. We celebrated $654,596.79 worth of commitments. Here are a few things that we saw God move in tremendously in 2016 in addition to this campaign.

  • Easter of 2016 was our largest crowd ever at That.Church, with 2,833 people in attendance between both campuses.
  • Remember Mother’s Day last year? Ruth Graham, daughter of Billy Graham came and shared with us. Hundreds of people came and we filled our church with celebration as we heard the authentic life story of Ruth Graham.
  • Father’s Day we did our first ever Dad Fest, we celebrated over 1,700 people that weekend which was HUGE for us at that time.
  • Camp United we witnessed 31 students say yes to Jesus and Camp Grove had over 125 kids attend and a ton of spiritual decisions were made.
  • This past summer we sent mission teams to Haiti, Nicaragua, Alaska, and L.A.
  • Remember Wild River Country Baptisms? In the lightning storm? That day 116 people went public with their faith!
  • In August Scott did a message series called ‘More Than Happy’ through that series many of us found our new pathway to joy, and out of that series a publisher is publishing Scott’s first book called “More Than Happy”. Watch for it’s release in the fall.
  • On October 6th of last year we had our Grand Opening into our new expanded worship space and kids environments. We added 500 more seats, 425 more parking spaces, state of the art sound and lights, and a great kids environment with a 2 story indoor playground. On that day we were all blown away by an attendance of 1,800 people.
  • In November we gave away 400 Thanksgiving food boxes through our partnership with local schools to needy families.
  • December – we did our “Home for Christmas” project and mobilized over 100 volunteers. Christmas was amazing, we had 10 services our four nights in two cities, with over 3,100 people coming to the largest Christmas celebration in That.Church history.
  • This year – we brought in Dave Turin from Gold Rush, had an amazing weekend with him as he shared his story of brokenness and healing.
  • We have re-launched our Cabot campus, and sent Kendall Harness out their to lead. Attendance has doubled, but most importantly over 25 people have said YES to jesus in the past few weeks through our Cabot campus.
  • Paul Young, author of The Shack was here just a couple weeks ago, that weekend at Sherwood alone we had more than 2,400 people attend. His own story of how God meets in at the point of pain was life changing to hundreds.
  • Pointman and RealWomen kicked off with the best semesters ever, and the new semesters are about ready to fire back up in just a couple short weeks.
  • OurKidsMinistryiskillingit!! Didyouknowthatifyoutaketheaveragenumberof kids in our kids ministry that we have each week and run it out over a year, that means that our kids ministry volunteers love, pray for, and pour into 13,572 little lives in 12 months? We love KIDS at That.Church!

We are so excited for the work that God is doing in our people at That.Church and through our commitment to continue to give financially through tithes and offerings.

Scott and Stacey Harness
That.Church Senior Pastor and RealWomen Director

The Bible is clear that God should always be first in our lives. That is especially true in our finances. The practice that keeps God first in our finances is known as tithing. Tithing is returning the first 10% of our income to God through His church.

Our tithing demonstrates two things. First it demontrates that we believe that all we have has come from God. Second it demontrates that we believe God will take care of us in the future. It takes faith to tithe.

Sometimes fear keeps us from making faith steps like tithing. At That.Church we want to grow together and to encourage each other to live fully devoted to Christ. When it comes to the commitment of tithing, we want to help you realize and experience God’s blessing upon your life by putting Him first. To help you get started on this faith journey, That.Church is going to give your tithe a 100% money back guarantee.

The tithe challenge works like this. You commit to tithe 10% of your income for the next 90 days. If at the end of 90 days you have not experienced God’s favor and blessing on your life, we will refund 100% of the money you have tithed with no questions asked.

Yes, I want to begin my faith journey by tithing and taking the 90 day challenge!